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Cleaning Sandwich Panels
Cleaning Sandwich Panels
  • Cleaning Sandwich Panels

Cleaning Sandwich Panels

Thickness50-150 mm
PPGI Thickness0.4-0.8Fire ratingA

Cleaning Sandwich Panels

Property Description

1, with the type aluminum connection, easy installation, convenient.

2, surrounded by the bow-type galvanized keel, the whole board greater strength.

3, the ceiling board with heavier strengthbecause of the beam.

4, modular assembly, construction faster.

Product Case:

Cleaning Sandwich Panels

Clean room panel has dust proof, anti-static and anti-bacteria effect. It’s widely used in the industry of electric factory, pharmaceutical, food, biology, aviation and precise instrument.

Wiskind clean room panel has different core materials. They are rock wool, glass wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, magnesium. The surface material can be PPGI, GI, galvanized sheet, aluminum zinc plate, stainless steel, printing steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC and plywood.