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Competitive Pricing
Marketing & Product Support
Fast Fabrication and Delivery
Erection& Site Supervision
Vast Experience in the foreign project

Competitive Pricing >

Wiskind are able to provide very attractive products and services through following initiatives

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

With over35 years of experience in steel structure industry, Wiskind can provide the most reasonable and economical scheme to prevent overdesigns.

Long term partnerships with raw material product suppliers give us the ability to control quality and price effectively.

Large-scale production reduces our procurement, production and management costs, which can bring customers more economic benefits.

Wiskind produce both steel structure (frame) and wall and roof panels, reducing external sourcing, ensuring consistency in product qualityand further saving on costs.

Marketing & Product Support >

Our marketing team is well versed in our product system. We will provide customers with the right advice and solutions to ensure economical and effectiveway to achieve customer needs.

Fast Fabrication and Delivery >

Such ERPs, TPMs system makes all the factory’s department work more smoothly, which ensures that the customer orders can be completed in the shortest time.

Erection& Site Supervision >

Over last 35 years, wiskind have developed highly skillful install teams and a team of experienced site supervisors. We can ensure fast, accurate and safe erection of our customer's project.

Vast Experience in the foreign project >

In the past 35 years, Wiskind’s products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, we have vastexperience in design, transportation and overseas installation. Do not worry that you are far away from us, whether Asia, Oceania, America or Africa, we can provide installation workers or installation instructions according to customer needs for the project. For us, the end of a project is not you pay us to get the products, but you successfully complete the installation of our products.

Good Quality >

Quality first, which is the key to our success in these years. Wiskind develop new technologies to improve the performance of our products, even if using the same raw materials, our products will be in more high quality.

Memberships >

The Company is a member of:

China Steel Structure Society Association

China Construction Metal Structure Association

China Building Waterproofing Association Metal Roofing Technology Branch

China Steel Structure Association Maintenance System Branch

The Company was granted by the Chinese Government:

China Class 1 qualification for steel structure manufacturing, Class B qualification for light steel structure engineering design, Class I qualification for steel structure engineering contracting, qualification for design and construction of architectural metal housing (wall), special qualification for Chinese metal enclosure system contractor