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Modular Container House For Camp

WISKIND can manufacture and offer you prefabricated modular container house for your camp site. Temporary container house can be installed in a short time.
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  • Product Origin:

    Shandong Province, China
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    Customized as your request
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  • Shipping Port:

    Qingdao Port, China
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    20-30s days after receiving your deposit
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Modular Container House For Camp

WISKIND prefabricated modular container house can meet your requirements for camp. Modular container house is highly prefabricated. It is easy for installation at site. Quick and efficient. 

Product Design Introduction:

Product Type

Standardized products

Monomer Specifications


6055 mm (indoor net size of 5840mm)


2435 mm (indoor net size of 2220) / 3000 mm (indoor net size of 2800mm)


2896 mm (indoor net size of 2510mm)

Product Configuration:


Hot galvanized top and bottom profiles

Column connection

Room Insulation

Double layers Glass wool for roof insulation

Glass wool for floor insulation


Color steel plate for ceilings


Environmentally friendly plastic flooring


Sandwich Panels

Core Materials of Wall

Glass wool / Rock wool / Polyurethane


Whole set door


Plastic sliding window


Prefabricated circuits

Water Supply

Laying along the wall


Draining on the side of the wall

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If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your cooperation.