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The year of the Olympic bid engineering case


Project Name: Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium

Design unit: China Architecture Southwest Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Building area: 49,000

Year of completion: 2018

Application system: Vertical seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof system

Application area: 21,500

Color: silver gray

Thickness: 1.0mm

Award information: China Steel Structure Gold Award, Henan Province Construction Engineering Construction Technology Innovation Achievement Award (second prize), BIM technology application won the first prize of the National Longtu Cup, the second prize of the International AEC Excellence Contest, the China Metal Envelope System Engineering Gold Yu Award.

Nineteen years ago...

At 22:09 Beijing time on July 13, 2001, the International Olympic Committee made a historic decision-to hand over the hosting rights of the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing.

That night, the streets and alleys of China were brightly lit, and the whole country celebrated. It can be said that this day 19 years ago ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese sports culture and laid the foundation for China's sports development.

Best in the country

Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center adopts the world's largest span and the largest cantilevered large-opening cable-supported grid structure, with a designed maximum span of 311m and a maximum cantilever of 54.1m. Among them, the ring seal cable has a diameter of 130mm, and a single cable clamp weighs 6.5 tons, which is the highest in the country.

Roofing black technology

The roof design of the stadium has another mystery. The Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium has a total construction area of 49,000 square meters, and the metal roof adopts the Wiskind vertical seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof system, which is about 21,500 square meters.

Wiskind's vertical seaming aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel is fixed by an aluminum alloy fixing seat through the vertical edge occlusion. Two EPDM waterproof rubber pads are added under the fixing seat and are fully coated with sealant. No perforations are visible, which ensures the integrity of the roof panel. Good waterproof effect.

The plate and the vertical seam of the plate are occluded to form a tight connection. The occlusal process does not require manpower and is completely automated by machinery. The connection between the occlusal edge and the support can solve the plate stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Roofing system and gutter system are covered with 1.2mm PVC waterproofing membrane, roof part adopts hot-melt welding, gutter system adopts self-dipping connection, Wiskind vertical seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system is complete and complete accessories supply can meet various building forms Claim.

The length of Wiskind's vertical seaming aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panel is about 70m. The cableway is used to transport the panel to the roof installation area, which reduces the roof panel hoisting process and the damage of the finished product during transportation, and greatly improves the installation efficiency.

The Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center project, as a national focus project, is large in size, difficult to construct, and has a tight schedule. However, the Master Steel Group faced difficulties and perfectly completed the tasks assigned by the people across the country with strong perseverance and spirit of overcoming difficulties. , Which perfectly guarantees the holding of the 11th Minority Sports Games, and is an important force in China's construction.

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