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  • Wiskind Cleanroom Attend Chongqing Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

    Wiskind Cleanroom Attend Chongqing Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

    Nov 06, 2019

    The 58th (Fall 2019) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and 2019 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from November 5th to 7th, 2019. Wiskind's Cleanroom was unveiled at the International Pavilion, and the new booth image focused on the global eye. ▶ New exhibits are fully interactive Wiskind's master series of doors and windows, clean and durable panels, brand new Jiechuang openable window and other products debut at thePharmaceutical Machinery Expo. Each product has an independent booth for presentation and expert explanation, forming a zero-distance communication and close interaction with the guests, and comprehensive 360-degree analysis and display of the products. Master series clean steel door: whole door design, excellent air tightness; peripheral keel inside the door leaf, custom design hinge, lock large fixed structural parts; GEZE custom stainless steel handle lock, European standard design versatility, durable; 2 year warranty, lifetime maintenance. Master series clean windows: full use of ultra-white tempered glass, very low self-explosion rate, 91.5% pass rate, no color difference; multi-layer sealing process, excellent air tightness; professional long dry venting keel design, intelligent canned industrial grade molecular desiccant to ensure the purification of gas inside the window for a long time, to prevent fogging; convenient bullet-shaped window frame design, post-installation design, no need to remove window panels, convenient for accidental damage replacement construction and does not affect the air density at the window. ▲New Jiechuang openable window Wiskind Group and DuPont jointly launched a new type of clean sheet resistant VHP disinfection and high temperature and high humidity environment. ▶ System solutions are appreciated During the period, Liu Shilin, the chief research and development engineer of Wiskind's steel products cleanroom technology, shared the design solutions and construction difficulties of the clean plant or factory. It attracted many domestic and foreign guests to discuss and communicate, and formed a good on-site interaction and was widely recognized. It has established an excellent reputation for the further expansion of the brand of clean room enclosure system. Representatives from well-known pharmaceutical companies, engineering companies, design institutes and other industries came. Exhibitors from the United States, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries expressed their keen interest and cooperation intentions in the Wiskind Cleanroom Enclosure System. As a communication platform for trade and research, the pharmaceutical machine exhibition embodies a high degree of specialization and internationalization. The exhibits and technologies represent the highest level in the industry. The debut of the Wiskind Cleanroom Enclosure System promotes business growth while also driving innovation in industry technology.

  • WISKIND's featured products unveiled at the Canton Fair, attracting attention from around the world

    WISKIND's featured products unveiled at the Canton Fair, attracting attention from around the world

    Oct 26, 2019

    The 126th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair) kicked off at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou from October 15th to 19th, 2019. In order to better implement the “Belt and Road” and develop international trade, as always, WISKIND has actively participated in this exhibition. Architecture is a combination of technology and art. It is a living body with a soul. The beauty and perception of architecture often starts from the façade. WISKIND has been focusing on it for more than 40 years, only for the long-lasting beauty of architecture. At this exhibition, we exhibited a variety of high-quality products: self-developed Color series products, clean room sandwich panels, cold storage sandwich panels, steel structure products. Customers from Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions have shown great interest in WISKIND products and hope to cooperate with us in the future. The leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce are very concerned about WISKIND, come to the booth to communicate with us, put forward reasonable suggestions, and look forward to the better development of WISKIND in the future. WISKIND has a high-quality professional technical team and project management team. From the initial stage of the project to project design and project management, we always have professional technicians at your side to provide you with the best building solutions. Based on professional technology, attentive service and reliable quality assurance, WISKIND is looking forward to providing you with innovative, reliable and economical solutions – only for the long-lasting beauty of the building.

  • DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF Material Seminar was held at Wiskind Shanghai branch

    DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF Material Seminar was held at Wiskind Shanghai branch

    Oct 15, 2019

    On 15th, October, Cheng Zhijian, Vice President of Yieh Phui (China) cooperated with DuPont's global sales leader Umut, global market leader Fallyn, and Asia Pacific marketing manager Maken to visit Wiskind Shanghai branch. Wei Longzhu, Chairman of Wiskind Group, Directors Yang Xiaochun and Xu Shuheng given warm reception and conducted a tripartite exchange meeting on DuPont's “Tedlar® PVF” products. Wiskind shared their valuable experience in the development of the industry and described the research on the corrosion resistance of PVF coated sheets. DuPont has greatly affirmed this. DuPont's technical manager Zhang Honggui's introduction to the "Tedlar® PVF" product has caused a heated discussion among the three parties. The outstanding performance advantages of the "Tedlar® PVF" product meet the requirements of different industries, and are widely used in various fields and have a broad market prospect. At the same time, DuPont technicians gave a professional response to the problems that may be encountered in the future application of “Tedlar® PVF” products. About Tedlar® PVF materials The building's exterior and interior are as durable as new PVF is a polyvinyl fluoride material invented by DuPont in the 1940s. Tedlar® is a registered trademark of the company and was put into commercial use in 1961. For more than 50 years, it has been widely used in aerospace, building exterior and roof, solar modules, outdoor advertising and interior surface protection. This meeting is a good start for the three parties. It is believed that through the common force, the world's leading technologies and products can be applied to the market as soon as possible to meet the more diverse needs of users. •About DuPont DuPont is a global innovation leader in technology-based materials, raw materials and solutions. The products have spread all over the world and show strong comprehensive strength in every business area involved. •About Yu Hui (China) Yieh Phui (China) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Yilian Group in the mainland. In 2003, it cooperated fully with Wiskind. By 2018, the accumulated cooperation volume exceeded 1 million tons. The two parties joined hands in the forefront of the development of the coating industry and participated together the construction of a number of landmark buildings.

  • Big News! TRIMO CHINA OPERATION CENTER was established and Qbiss One hit China

    Big News! TRIMO CHINA OPERATION CENTER was established and Qbiss One hit China

    Oct 12, 2019

    8th, October, 2019. Shanghai. Wiskind Group and TRIMO Group jointly established TRIMO CHINA OPERATION CENTER. Wiskind Steel Building officially launched the Wiskind “TRIMO” series of high-end metal curtain wall products in China, bringing innovative solutions to Qbiss One for Chinese customers and creating unique value. Top global, meeting high-end needs Developed by the Slovenian TRIMO Group, Qbiss One is the world's leading prefabricated metal modular wall system that perfectly integrates functionality, form, aesthetics and economics. Clients include Airbus, Heathrow Airport, Nestle, Philips, IKEA, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes and more. Qbiss One enters China and will meet the higher quality needs of its customers and promote eco-innovation in the industry. Seamless rounded corners, 30 years of ultimate corrosion resistance Qbiss One metal sandwich panels, all rock wool core materials, its patented seamless fillet technology and non-combustible core material make it stand out for up to 30 years of ultimate corrosion protection. The seamless fillet is applied to the pre-painted steel plate to eliminate the cutting, bending, welding, sanding and baking process of the traditional four-sided metal sheet, which is usually weak, easy to function and eventually discolored area in the traditional metal sandwich panel. Stereo arrangement, stronger design Qbiss One offers a choice of flat or curved plates for greater flexibility, with a tongue or flush connector, or a combination of both. Qbiss unit wall panels can also be mounted in a variety of different directions, including vertical, horizontal, and cross-stacked "cube" effects. These combinations offer the widest range of design possibilities and make the building unique. Without purlin steel structure system, saving 40% construction cost Based on structural rock wool technology, the Qbiss One features a self-supporting, without purlin steel structure system that can be directly attached to major steel structures or lightweight steel frames and sturdy walls. The length of sandwich panels range from 530 mm to 6,500 mm, with excellent flatness on all sizes of wall panels. Fully prefabricated containment system solutions reduce construction time by up to 40% and significantly reduce total investment costs. ArtMe effect, new visual world Qbiss One also realizes the ArtMe effect that has won the Red Dot Design Award. It can engrave various visual effects such as shapes, characters, patterns, light and shadows on the building skin to realize the individualization of the facade of the building and open up new vision world. ArtMe uses highly controlled 3D forming technology, and the integrity and physical properties of the metal panel are unaffected. The establishment of theTRIMO CHINA OPERATION CENTER is the beginning of the TRIMO Group's entry into the Chinese market. After the Qbiss One product, the TRIMO Group's entire line of products will be gradually introduced. According to the cooperation f...

  • Joint Innovation & Mutual Improvement - Wiskind Group had an Interaction with Nippon on the Second Session of Innovation Festival

    Joint Innovation & Mutual Improvement - Wiskind Group had an Interaction with Nippon on the Second Session of Innovation Festival

    Sep 30, 2019

    On 29th, September, during the second innovation festival of Wiskind, Huang Jun, deputy general manager of Nippon Coil Coatings Division, led his team to visit Wiskind. Since the signing of joint innovation between Wiskind and Nippon in October 2018, the two sides have exchanged ideas on “business opportunity discovery, technology development and commercial promotion”closely cooperated and promoted the development of the industry. Accompanied by Xu Shuheng, general manager of Wiskind Group, and Yang Zhiyong, dean of the institute, the Nippon exchange team visited the Shinmade, Wiskind steel production workshop and the research laboratory. At the interactive meeting, Ge Zhiyong, the deputy director of Wiskind Group's ResearchInstitute, as the host, opened the two major themes of this interactive exchange - "only for the innovation of long-lasting and beautifulbuilding". Dr. Zhou Zhiping, Director of Open Innovation of Lishi Group, introduced the globalization strategy of Nippon Development and the advanced technology organization of Lishi Group. He emphasized that R&D innovation is the core of enterprise development, and joint innovation is the key way to achieve this task. He hopes to achieve resource sharing with Wiskind, jointly create business relevance under the megatrend, and carry the shuttle bus of the times to achieve symbiosis. Dr. Wan Xiao, Senior Development Manager of Nippon Coil Coatings, explained the heat insulation principle of heat reflective coatings in detail, and shared the effects of thermal insulation coatings in combination with examples. The two sides discussed in depth the market opportunities in this regard. Mr. Yi Xizhi, Chairman of the Wiskind Union, introduced to everyone the charity activities that Wiskind has done in recent years on the theme of “painting for love and escorting ironclad”, and expressed the attitude that Wiskind actively seeks to further expand the influence of public welfare. Adhering to the same public welfare concept, Yang Tingting, manager of Nippon Coil Coatings Products, said, “Don't forget the original heart, coloring for love”, I hope that Nippon and Wiskind will work together to formulate a plan for public welfare activities, and continue to have a temperature and color transmission. In the “100 Questions” of coating knowledge, Dr. Wan Xiao, R&D Manager of Nippon Coil Coatings, Mao Zhihe, Senior Manager of Product and Market, and Chen Yongzhen, Senior Sales Manager, answered the questions raised byWiskind one by one. During the meeting, the two sides also discussed the construction plan ofWiskind & Nippon Joint Lab, which mainly involved the configuration of laboratory equipment and potential joint research directions. Huang Jun, deputy general manager of Nippon Coil Coatings and Xu Shuheng, general manager ofWiskind Group, summarized the interactive meeting. The two sides unanimously affirmed the achievements of joint innovation in the past year, and hoped to continue ...

  • WISKIND & ROCKWOOL Deepen Strategic Cooperation

    WISKIND & ROCKWOOL Deepen Strategic Cooperation

    Sep 27, 2019

    From 26th to 27th, September, the delegation of the Greater China Region of ROCKWOOL visited the Wiskind Steel Building Headquarters. The two sides reached a high level of consensus on deepening strategic cooperation and will carry out joint innovation development in rock wool sandwich panel application and new products development. Headquartered in Denmark, ROCKWOOL Group is the world's leading rock wool producer and also a strategic copperated partner with Wiskind Steel Building. At the high-level exchange meeting, Xu Shuheng, general manager of Wiskind Steel Building, said that in the decentralized industry situation, the demand for high-end sandwich panels required by China's high-end manufacturing industry continues to rise, so taking the high-end route is the common choice of both parties. Product innovation and differentiation to enhance market competitiveness. Ms. Ouyang Tao, General Manager of Greater China at ROCKWOOL, said that Wiskind advocates “only for the long-lasting beauty of architecture”, which is very similar to the values of ROCKWOOL.Focusing on rock wool for 80 years,ROCKWOOLplays the natural beauty of rock, attaches importance to the long-lasting quality of products, and achieves the long-lasting beauty of architecture and grows with customers. Yang Zhiyong, dean of the Wiskind Steel Building Research Institute, said that the cooperation between the two parties should aim at the needs of customers, develop a technical system together, research and develop rock wool characteristic application, joint innovation and promotion. After negotiations, the two sides reached a consensus on deepening the strategy, and carried out in-depth and pragmatic cooperation around the technical and technological cooperation of the factory, the development of rock wool sandwich panels with characteristic structures, and the establishment of joint laboratories. In the subsequent technical exchanges, ROCKWOOL sandwich panel expert Jiang Yingzheng described the application technology of the international advanced structural rock wool in the sandwich panel. After the meeting, the ROCKWOOL delegation visited theWiskind Steel BuildingCenter Laboratory and the production base. About ROCKWOOL The ROCKWOOL Group, from Denmark, is the world's largest producer of rock wool insulation materials, providing environmentally friendly rock wool fire insulation solutions. Today, 80 years of rock wool production history, the ROCKWOOL Group's products have covered all aspects of modern life. About WISKIND SHANDONG WISKIND STEEL BUILDING STOCK CO., LTD is China's leading manufacturer and service provider of metal enclosures and steel structures. The product range includes: metal exterior walls, metal roofing, clean room enclosures, cold storage enclosures and steel construction projects. For more than 40 years, Wiskind has contributed unique value to the progress and development of various industries at home and abroad. About Structural Rock Wool ROCKWOOL StrucRock ...

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