• Wiskind Won the International and Domestic Leading Level Evaluation

    Wiskind Won the International and Domestic Leading Level Evaluation

    Nov 04, 2022

    Recently, Shandong Wiskind Steel Architectural Co., Ltd. "Research on high-precision prefabricated waterproof technology for metal roofs", "Research on optimized combination technology of high wind resistance performance of metal roofs", "Research on high wind resistance tongue and groove technology of sandwich panels with purlins" ", "Sandwich panel wall technology research without purlin" 4 scientific and technological achievements, the jury composed of industry experts and university professors, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Science and Technology Progress Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, passed a rigorous two-day review. Investigation and demonstration, the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements has been successfully completed, and the external evaluation of "one international advanced and three domestic leading" has been obtained. Since its establishment, Wiskind has been focusing on product research and development, it has also developed a series of new products and technologies with upstream and downstream partners over the years. In 2020, in order to further promote research and development, the company invested 150 million yuan to build a leading innovation center in the industry, systematically carried out research and development of materials from several aspects such as metal materials, organic materials, building physics, and structural mechanics.The acquisition of the four scientific and technological achievement evaluations is a staged inspection of the technological research and development work in recent years, and it is also a recognition of the leading results from the technical professional level. The application of leading technology will greatly improve the performance of the product. In recent years, a large number of relevant research and development achievements of Wiskind have been transformed into product development, process innovation, etc., and have been applied in a large number of engineering projects, which have been widely praised by customers. In the new era and new journey, Wiskind will, as always, empower customers and create greater value for the society through innovations in products and technologies.

  • WISKIND 100-day Safety Competition Award Ceremony

    WISKIND 100-day Safety Competition Award Ceremony

    Oct 28, 2022

    Focusing on the construction and reform of the industrial worker team, on October 21, 2022, the Wiskind labor union held a meeting to check and promote the work and the 100-day safety competition summary meeting, which played an active role in promoting the sustainable and sound development of safe production. Zhao Xiao, member of the Party Group of the County Federation of Trade Unions and Director of the Employee Service Center, Li Pan of the Production Protection Department of the County Federation of Trade Unions, the main person in charge of Wiskind Steel Architectural Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the relevant safety and environmental protection department, and the workshop supervisor participated in the meeting. The work of checking, guaranteeing and promoting has been going on continuously and orderly. This year, we have joined a 100-day safety competition, which has built a good platform for “comparing with learning and surpassing” for each workshop of each company. The workshop with the least number of accidents will be rewarded with certain rewards, and in the process, the safety assurance and safety awareness of employees will be improved. Below, let's take a look at the workshops that were rewarded in the 100-Day Safety Contest. First prize At the same time, the person in charge of the winning department was awarded the May 1st Labor Medal of Boxing County: Color Germ workshop, prefabricated metal plate workshop, curtain wall workshop, and Color Shine second workshop. Second prize Bending parts workshop, Color Shine No.1 workshop. The inspection and security promotion work thoroughly implements the spirit of the relevant national, provincial and municipal trade union safety documents, conscientiously implements the principles and policies of labor protection and safety production, and plays the role of employee supervision in safety production work, and cooperates with safety management work. The hidden dangers around us, the safety of employees, and the development of enterprises” work, truly safeguard the rights and interests of employees’ lives, safety and health, and ensure the safe development of enterprises.

  • Welcome to WISKIND Online Show of 132th Canton Fair

    Welcome to WISKIND Online Show of 132th Canton Fair

    Oct 15, 2022

    WISKIND GROUP will attend the 132th online Canton Fair from 15th to 24th October. 1. Visiting address of our company: 2. You may ask how to visit our live broadcast room. Please follow the steps below to register: First step: visit - Second step: login in Third step: search Wiskind and visit Wiskind main web. 3. You are warmly welcome to visit our live broadcast room, and you can leave a message if you are interested in our products at any time you want. Please tell us your needs in building materials and construction, and we will provide you with one-stop service.

  • WISKIND Solar PV System: As long as the light keeps walking, it never stops...

    WISKIND Solar PV System: As long as the light keeps walking, it never stops...

    Oct 08, 2022

    A new way of growth in the second half of economic development For China, 1978-2018, four decades of intense modernization is not only a dramatic increase in GDP, but also a long-term tolerance for environmental damage. Today, the cost of destruction is getting higher and higher, and when the reform enters the second half, China's economic growth model needs to be refreshed. Technology-driven building energy saving upstart At the end of 2021, the China Building Energy Conservation Association Energy Consumption Committee released the "China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2021)". The report shows that in 2019, the total energy consumption of the whole building process in China was 2.233 billion tons of standard coal equivalent, accounting for 45.8% of the total national energy consumption. This means: improving the energy utilization rate in buildings and reducing the energy consumption in the whole building process will reconstruct China's energy consumption pattern. In 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Municipal Supervision Bureau jointly issued the "General Specifications for Building Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Utilization", clearly stating that "new buildings should be installed with solar energy systems". For buildings, integrating solar photovoltaic products into buildings can not only provide the energy source required for the daily operation of the building, but also reduce the carbon emissions of fossil energy; Stable supply brings convenient production and lifestyle, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. Renewable energy that never stops As a professional metal enclosure and steel structure product manufacturer and system solution service provider, WISKIND has been committed to the research and development and output of green building materials for half a century. In recent years, WISKIND has closely followed the national "dual carbon" policy and developed the The One™ photovoltaic roof integration solution to provide a full life cycle solution from production to use for building energy conservation. The energy problem is global, and sooner or later the transition to new energy will come. This is not an easy process to achieve. Fortunately, technology will always break all the inherent paradigms in unexpected ways. Just like the walking of light, it travels thousands of light-years away, during which twists and turns flow, but it also breaks through without hindrance. The determination of the will is far from being overpowering. Solar energy is not just the outline of light conversion, but also light itself, which never stops as long as light is walking.

  • Wiskind & Nippon Paint exhibited at the MBE Metal Building Expo, presenting the color charm of industrial buildings

    Wiskind & Nippon Paint exhibited at the MBE Metal Building Expo, presenting the color charm of industrial buildings

    Sep 24, 2022

    Since the 14th Five-Year Plan, the state has vigorously promoted the development of new building industrialization. In order to promote the green development of the metal building industry, promote the deep integration of intelligent manufacturing and new building industrialization, realize the high-quality development requirements of the building industry, and give play to the demonstration and leading role of steel structures in prefabricated buildings, the 2022 Asian Metal Building Design and Industry Expo (MBE ) was held in Nanjing from September 6th to 8th. In this exhibition, WISKIND and Nippon Paint jointly participated in the exhibition. WISKIND and Nippon Paint have been strategic partners for many years, and have jointly developed many products and projects. This time, through WISKIND's grasp of the coating market demand, combined with Nippon Paint's technology and color research and development of high-performance coatings, a joint Launched industrial building steel solutions: Extreme color Using the color matching of industrial buildings as a bridge to build a new pattern of future industrial buildings for urban beautification and building protection, its ultra-high weather resistance and long-lasting color retention rate make the buildings elegant and long-lasting. The "Extreme color" color wall displayed at the exhibition site showed a new color matching scheme for industrial building steel products with rich layered color matching and visual effects. This is after years of market research by Nippon Paint, combined with the practical application of industrial building color system and domestic market demand, selected 28 most representative colors from thousands of colors in Nippon Engineering color spectrum, and extracted five colors. This model is in line with the color scheme of China's new industrial buildings. In addition to the display of the very artistic color matching scheme, Ms. Xu Jinwen, the design manager of Nippon Paint CMF, also made a sharing report on the theme of "Industrial Building Color and Material Trend in the New Era", which ignited the audience. Ms. Xu Jinwen said: The beauty of color is a perceptual resonance, and the research and creation of beautiful colors are scientific and rational. Nippon Paint is committed to 'injecting the power of color to make the world a better place'. Nippon Paint and WISKIND jointly created the 'Industrial Building Color and Material Trend', which lasted for three years. According to the design route of "project establishment-conceptualization-investigation-planning-coordination-localization-innovative development-implementation application", the future trend will be changed from concept to concept. Gradually concreted into a practical solution, and finally presented the aesthetic trend of minimalist, friendly, classical, natural and technological architecture in the era of Industry 4.0. WISKIND and Nippon Paint, as the leading companies in the field of architectural steel produ...

  • Wiskind held the 17th school promotion activity for employees' children

    Wiskind held the 17th school promotion activity for employees' children

    Sep 06, 2022

    Every summer, Wiskind will organize education activities for the children of employees who are listed on the gold list. Since 2006, Now in its 17th year... Carefully organized to keep the hearts of parents close to the hearts of their children On the morning of August 20th, the 2022 "Let's live up to the time and bloom with youth" employee children's promotion activity was grandly held at Wiskind. This year, a total of 36 employees' children were promoted to college, and they will usher in the best years of their life. The company first organized the children of these employees to visit the company's exhibition hall, office space and production workshop, so that the students could understand and feel the working environment of their parents. During the visit, some of the children were very excited. They were amazed by the company's environment and the height of the production equipment; Some were thoughtful in the high-temperature workshop, and they felt the hard work of their parents.   After the visit, Yi Xizhi, the chairman of the company's labor union, and his party had a cordial discussion with everyone.   At the forum, a video that was recorded in advance by the parents was played first. At important moments in the children's lives, they used the most simple language to express their heartfelt voices. Best wishes and expectations. The parent representatives also gave the children a sincere entrustment at the scene, hoping that after they enter the university, they will continue to study hard and become the pillars of the society as soon as possible. The love of parents for their children is far-reaching. Looking back on their past studies, the children deeply understand the painstaking efforts of their parents, and they also prepared a special gift for their parents. They were usually shy to express their gratitude and concern for their parents, and wrote a letter to their parents. "I didn't dare to read it at the scene because I was afraid that I would cry. I almost cried when the video was recorded," said a parent representative, "I will keep this letter well, keep it forever, and take it from time to time in the future. Come out and take a look. The children have finally grown up, we are very happy, and we are very grateful to the company for giving us such an opportunity to be closer to the children’s hearts.”   Share experiences to help children's college life In order to help the children better face the upcoming university life, the company also arranged for two outstanding graduate representatives who have just joined this year to share their teaching experience with their younger brothers and sisters and help them take the first step in their university life and every step in the future. Trade union chairman Yi Xizhi and other managers who participated in this symposium also gave suggestions for the children's college life, hoping that the children will establish long-term aspirations, develop the habit of self-disci...

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