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  • The Cloud Canton Fair      Wiskind's Live Show

    The Cloud Canton Fair Wiskind's Live Show

    Jul 01, 2020

    On June 24, the 10-day 127th Canton Fair ended perfectly. At present, the epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia is still spreading around the world, impacting the global industrial chain and supply chain, and bringing great challenges and pressure to international trade. Due to the epidemic situation, the Canton Fair moved to the “cloud” for the first time in 63 years, which brought a “timely rain” for exhibiting foreign trade companies and global buyers. As an exhibiting company, the colleagues conducted live broadcast exercises two months in advance, collating materials and preparing live broadcast equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast. During these ten days, my colleagues took turns broadcasting live 24 hours a day, providing all-weather online referral, supply and docking, online negotiation and other services. Not only that, but also integrates 3D panorama and VR intelligence, and uses advanced information technology to enrich live content. This time, the Canton Fair opened a large number of new customers. Inquiries and orders came from the "cloud". Buyers from all over the world can find the desired source of goods without leaving the house, and place orders and do business to ensure a stable supply of goods. Under the epidemic, the situation changed. The brand-new Yunshang Canton Fair model has attracted the attention of a large number of global buyers. It brings us not only intended customers and orders, but more importantly, the innovation of marketing model and the breakthrough of digital transformation. Facing future difficulties and challenges, we will also move forward!

  • Show you a different Canton Fair

    Show you a different Canton Fair

    Jun 23, 2020

      10 days x 24 hours of uninterrupted live broadcast, 50 exhibition areas are available 24/7, "Cloud Exhibition Hall" to see Wiskind's tricks...Since the opening of the 127th Canton Fair on the "cloud" side on June 15th, an online trading event that broke the boundaries of time and space Already opened.   Live marketing is a new attempt for Wiskind. In order to show customers a better company image and better products online, it has invested manpower and material resources, and worked hard for this special live broadcast.   This is an open meeting. Above the clouds, global merchants have crossed mountains and rivers and are connected to global trade opportunities without leaving home. With a more open attitude, Guangdong embraces this global trade event.   The mighty Pearl River ran into the sea. From the offline to the cloud, from China to the world, the very Canton Fair in extraordinary times is injecting new momentum and expanding new space for high-quality development. Welcome to the live broadcast room of Wiskind, click a little bit to let you know more about Wiskind

  • Meet Tongji

    Meet Tongji

    Jun 16, 2020

    On September 14, 2019, Wiskind Construction Steel Co., Ltd. and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University signed a cooperation framework agreement. The two parties jointly developed the architectural design course and the launching ceremony of the "Wiskind Cup Creative Architectural Design Competition", which was successfully held at the headquarters of Wiskind. Before the signing ceremony, with the reception and escort of the Wiskind steel product team, the teachers and students of Tongji University visited the production base of the Wiskind steel product headquarters and the project research institutes of the Steel Product Research Institute. For advanced equipment and internationally first-class intelligent The manufacturing line is deeply shocked. At the same time, the teachers and students of Tongji University brought a special set of gifts-"Endless Realm" steel sculptures to Master. This group of works was created by the teaching team of Professor Yin Jia (Associate Professor Wang Ke, Associate Professor Tian Weijia, Teacher Lu Lu) of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University. The works not only condensed creative wisdom, but also carried the sincerity of Tongji and Wiskind Friendship indicates that the two parties will work together and promote the healthy development of the integration of industry, academia and research. Meet, Tongji "Endless Realm", a group of sculptures displayed in the exhibition hall of Master Headquarters, attracted the attention of viewers for its unique effect. For this reason, we conducted an exclusive interview with Yin Jia teacher. Finally, after the epidemic, we have the opportunity to step into Tongji again. On the campus, I once again had more in-depth communication with teacher Yin Jia. About "Endless Land" Yinjia: This is a creative topic of our pottery course ‘Ceramic Cube’ (also called ‘Ceramic Lantern’). This topic has been carried out for more than ten years. For students who are exposed to pottery clay for the first time, we focus on the training of pottery molding methods, including mud molding, sheet molding, embryo molding, and hand-kneading molding. Through practice, students will be familiar with and fully master the thickness of pottery. , Cohesion, dryness and humidity of materials, crafting procedures, especially the muddy nature of pottery, let students experience the generation and shaping of pottery shapes. At the same time, as a creative topic, it is required that in the design, more than 45% of the six sides of the cube should be open, and the "light" element should be added at the same time, and the light propagation path should be preset, whether it is from the outside or from It is reflected in this that this will cause the difference in form, which is to use "light" as one of the design elements, rather than an accident. This requires students to think deeply, experiment and repeatedly think and judge, and pass many sketches. The design...

  • Your hard work is in my eyes! Wiskind first-line overtime employees condolences

    Your hard work is in my eyes! Wiskind first-line overtime employees condolences

    Jun 10, 2020

    The epidemic is finally over Everyone is finally busy The biggest feature of the steel construction industry is The hotter the weather The busier the work You working in the field During the day, it bears a high temperature of more than 30 degrees In the early morning, I was still sweating in the workshop In extraordinary times, the company came up with a series of solutions, such as reasonable shifts and shifts, using high-tech equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce the workload of employees. But it is far from being able to hydrolyze near thirst. Everyone in this busy person sees it in his mind and remembers it in his heart. This time, Wiskind brought milk, watermelon, caring snack gift boxes and refreshing cold drinks, which brought coolness to the workshop employees and sent condolences. Milk delivery for workshop employees Give love gift box to workshop employees Send watermelon to workshop employees Supper for workshop employees The clean workshop also sent barbecue to employees. Have you ever seen wearing a hard hat to eat barbecue? Seeing how happy and satisfying everyone is, we recorded this moment with the camera. Since the company was established more than 40 years ago, because of the hard work of every employee,Wiskind has achieved today! Lovely people, fortunate in this life, meet you!

  • I want to be safe, I want to be better-Wiskind launches the 2020 safety month

    I want to be safe, I want to be better-Wiskind launches the 2020 safety month

    Jun 04, 2020

    Every year in June is a national safety production month. This safety month takes the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a safety line of defense" as a theme. For the safety activities, the "Safe Production Miles" activity started at the same time as the Safety Month. The entire safety month activity cycle will continue until the end of the year. On the morning of June 1, all production personnel gathered in front of the manufacturing center building and started a half-year safety journey. The wonderful safety activities are: 1. Precautionary activities Originating from the need for the in-depth development of the safety double prevention system, the company's "pre-prevention activities" in full swing are in line with the requirements of the safety month and "safety mileage" activities, and the company's "pre-prevention activities" are regarded as the safety month activities The first content and the main safety management activities in the next six months will be implemented. This activity mainly includes specific activities such as dual system verification, hidden trouble tracing, symptom reporting, hidden trouble eradication, and general manager questioning. 2. "Hidden Trouble Shooting" Activity All units should mobilize and organize employees to find the unsafe behavior around them and upload the “Wiskind Work Safety Month” dingding group, so that instant shooting and instant messaging can be posted on the dingding platform after sorting and sorting. The judges will organize the hidden safety hazards Carry out appraisal and give generous rewards to outstanding individuals to improve the safety awareness and ability of all employees. 3. Emergency drill In order to make the emergency drill activities more realistic and closer to the actual situation, the company takes emergency drills for on-site disposal: not informing relevant personnel in advance, indefinite time, indefinite location, not setting limits in advance, directly conducting on-site surprise organization, and directly testing workshop personnel The true response and the completeness of the processing flow.The company organized an emergency management team to conduct a comprehensive exercise of emergency plans. 4. Investigate hidden dangers and build defense lines Members of the Boxing County Safety Expert Database are invited to form a team of experts to conduct a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis and inspection of the problems existing in our company's site and data. 5. Warning education red line activity Organize a safety warning education and training activity for all production personnel, and establish a safety red line consciousness consistent with the company's safety philosophy "I want to be safe, I want to be better". 6. Remember the standard red line activity In order to create a more active safety month activity atmosphere, strengthen and strengthen the safety red line awareness of all employees, master the safety operation skills ...

  • Roll it! Xianyu    Memorial 2020 Wiskind Auction

    Roll it! Xianyu Memorial 2020 Wiskind Auction

    May 28, 2020

    "If we are an e-commerce platform, it is more powerful than Taobao!" After grabbing the favorite baby, an employee laughed and said ... On May 13th, the 7th first staff auction of Wiskind organized by the holding labor union opened the "curtain" on the basketball court of the headquarters. The event received 216 idle items from employees in the company, all of which were auction completed at the event. Here have antique porcelain with a price of a thousand yuan Here have silver jewelry and watches with a starting price of one hundred yuan There are ancient windbreakers There are a lot of items and the activities are colorful Three pounds fat after the epidemic A set of pajamas lasted for a year New clothes for the New Year will be smaller if they are not worn once Tangled ... The gift has not been opened Boyfriend becomes ex-boyfriend Do you want to open this gift? Tangled ... Never mind, come to Wiskind Participate in trade union organized auctions Your tangle We solve all Let idle items "glow" in the hands of others Strive to be an environmentally friendly and economical good citizen After the exciting price comparison and bidding Everyone picked the most favorite items Take it decisively! This auction not only solved the problem of waste of idle items, but also enriched the leisure life of Wiskind. Promote an environmentally friendly and economical lifestyle, and pass on the concept of "green" Wiskind, we have been taking action!

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