• Inspection Group of Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to visit mastercard to check and accept the province’s first batch of “all-staff innovation enterprises”

    Inspection Group of Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to visit mastercard to check and accept the province’s first batch of “all-staff innovation enterprises”

    Oct 20, 2020

    On October 15, Lou Wenhua, director of the Production Protection Department of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, state Grid Shandong Electric Power Company Chengwu County Power Supply Company Wenshang Power Supply Station director, the second “Qilu Master craftsman” Niu Decheng composed of the provincial general inspection group to the company acceptance of the first “Shandong Province all innovation enterprise” . Wang Endong, member and Vice Chairman of the party group of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and director of the Economic and Regulatory Commission; Cai Xiaolin, director of the Department of Production and protection of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions; Wang Bingjun, deputy director of the county People’s Congress and Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions; and Man Xuefeng, Secretary of the party group and Vice Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, mastercard Holding Board of Supervisors Chairman Wei Longhuai, Holding Trade Union Chairman Yi Xizhi accompanied the inspection. Visit Mastercard Exhibition Hall, Steel Products Research Institute, Building Workshop On-the-spot Observation Yang Genghua artisan talent innovation studio Zhao Kangkang, a model worker and craftsman in Shandong Province Model Worker Innovation Studio City level Wang Wei Labor model innovation studio Then heard the mastercard company “all innovation, promote mastercard transformation and growth” special report, and exchange. The team fully affirmed mastercard’s ability of all-staff innovation, especially the establishment of the “all-staff Innovation” promotion committee to develop all-staff innovation into a mainstream way of mastercard management, a culture, and gave a high appraisal. The inspection team pointed out that “Binzhou artisan” Zhao Kangkang and his “Shandong Exemplary Innovation Studio” are examples of innovative work by all employees, “teacher leads student” activity, “staff rest station” , “project innovation” , “safety helmet storage innovation improvement” , “proposal improvement” and so on. In 2007, TPM-5S management program was introduced and a special TPM management room was set up for the systematic management of all-staff innovation. A review committee headed by Chairman Wei Longzhu has been set up, and an improved management system for employee proposals has been put forward. The system is integrated with the actual office software, the system is visualized, the innovation is quantifiable, the rewards are graded and the benefits are digitized. There is a team, there is a platform, there is the power of continuous promotion, a good guarantee for all the development of innovation.

  •  Collecting Autumn Colors | Wiskind Factory Photography Exhibition

    Collecting Autumn Colors | Wiskind Factory Photography Exhibition

    Oct 12, 2020

    The weather is getting cooler and the autumn breeze is accompanied, let us put aside the mood of a busy day and take a look at the beautiful scenery of the factory! Attractive green apples and red pomegranates sway in the rhythm of the wind. Abstract space The modern office building has a different flavor. You may have some impressions of the scenery in these two pictures. The factory area under the sunset glow is golden and dazzling. Picture // Miyazaki Hayao's hand-painted You will even see pictures like Hayao Miyazaki's hand-painted works. In the changes of light and shadow, the architecture presents different colors, but what remains unchanged is its "persistence and beauty".

  • Exhibition review丨2020 Voge Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum

    Exhibition review丨2020 Voge Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum

    Sep 29, 2020

    The 12th Voge Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum in 2020 ended successfully at 16:00 pm on September 21. This forum not only attracted many well-known domestic companies to participate in the exhibition, but also attracted many industry elites to come to the exhibition, and the scene was unprecedented. Let us review the wonderful moments in the exhibition together. In this exhibition, Liu Shilin, Manager of Wiskind Clean R&D Center, started with industry pain points and production needs, and launched a clean room enclosure system solution, and discussed the future development trend of clean room with smart design, environmental friendliness and smart delivery. Wiskind combines advanced concepts in clean room design and construction, and takes the most concerned domestic topics such as VHP sterilization and nucleic acid testing laboratory design to give detailed explanations on the spot, bringing the audience advanced in pharmaceutical engineering project design and construction. The technology has received unanimous praise, and the scene is unprecedented. The booth of Wiskind this time was in Booth D301 in Hall W3. With the innovative products independently developed by Wiskind and the professionalism of teamwork, it attracted many exhibitors and won the recognition and support of customers. In the raging environment of the epidemic, the innovation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry has become the only way for the industry to improve its overall development level. In addition to focusing on R&D and innovation and continuously launching high-quality products, the transformation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry also needs to start with engineering technology and digital factories to promote asepti clean production and GMP standardized operations. By using advanced technologies and concepts, optimizing production processes, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall product quality, China's pharmaceutical industry is promoted toward the goals of innovation and integration, quality compliance, intelligent production, safety and environmental protection. Wiskind will take R&D and innovation as its own responsibility, with high standards and high requirements to help the new development of pharmaceutical engineering. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for your attention and support to the Wiskind Group, and to have a detailed understanding and recognition of Wiskind’s innovative products through this exhibition, which made the communication and learning during the exhibition more pertinent and purposeful. Gathering is always short, we are about to usher in a parting farewell, but there is a banquet in the world, which is the beginning of the next reunion. See you next time!

  • Wiskind won “outstanding contribution to the prevention and control of COVID-19”

    Wiskind won “outstanding contribution to the prevention and control of COVID-19”

    Sep 22, 2020

    In order to praise the advanced, set an example. September 18th, Wiskind won the “outstanding contribution enterprise for prevention and control of new pneumonia” in the “China Hospital Construction Award 2020” , which was jointly organized by the organizing committee of the twenty-one th National Hospital Construction Congress, Construction Medical Station, Journal of Medical Care Environment Design and journal of architectural technology. Since the start of the battle to prevent and control the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, all people across the country have united their efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, which has gathered a strong joint force for epidemic prevention and control. The majority of hospital construction service providers have taken the initiative and actively assisted to overcome the difficulties and do everything possible to ensure the construction of designated hospitals for epidemic prevention. The epidemic is the order, and the prevention and control is the responsibility. In the face of the “big test” of the epidemic, Wiskind, as a professional clean room enclosure system service provider, immediately set up an emergency response team to use a wealth of product production in the face of serious accidents that are rapidly spreading. Experience and advanced production technology provide medical products for major hospitals. Wiskind Clean panels, clean windows and doors were rushed to Fujian and Shaanxi provinces, as well as Qingdao, Weihai, Linyi, Weifang and Binzhou in Shandong Province, to support the construction of nearly 20 hospitals with an area of more than 80,000 square meters, at the same time, through the Binzhou Red Cross, we donated 71,000 yuan worth of medical products and materials (clean panels, clean doors and windows, etc.) to the “new coronavirus hospital area expansion project of Bincheng District city hospital” , and delivered them to the construction site on the same day, carry out the original mission with practical actions and demonstrate the responsibility of enterprises.

  • A business card from Wiskind

    A business card from Wiskind

    Sep 16, 2020

    Plant a tree Harvest a piece of green shade Bear a responsibility Hold up a hope On the occasion of the 36th Teacher’s Day, Wiskind Chief Supervisor Wei Longhuai,Deputy Chief Supervisor Yu Xuetian, Organization Development Center Director Wei Jiajun, and Labor Union Chairman Yi Xizhi visited Xingfu Town Middle School, Boxing Le’an Experimental School, No. 3 Primary School, Ten schools, including the Fifth Elementary School, sent holiday greetings to all teachers and donated public education materials worth 300,000 yuan to the school. Education is the most fundamental cause of a nation. For many years, Wiskind has been committed to carrying out public welfare education activities, insisting on providing strong backing guarantees for schools, so that every outstanding teacher has full enthusiasm to invest in education. Wiskind's support for education over the years has won the welcome and recognition of local schools, teachers and students, and has also contributed its own strength to the development of education.

  • Baosteel Co., Ltd. and his party visited Wiskind Hongqiao to visit and exchange

    Baosteel Co., Ltd. and his party visited Wiskind Hongqiao to visit and exchange

    Sep 11, 2020

    On September 7, Hu Yuliang, Deputy General Manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd., Weiping Shen, Deputy General Manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center (Baosteel International), Hong Weichun, General Manager of Cold Plate Sales Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center (Baosteel International), Yang Xiaodong, General Manager of Shanghai Baosteel Steel Trading Co., Ltd., Chen Hongming, Director of the Coating Products Office of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center (Baosteel International), and Yuan Changxi, General Manager of Baosteel's Trade Construction and Contracting Department, visited Wiskind Hongqiao Operation Center. Wei Longzhu, Chairman of Wiskind Holdings, Yang Xiaochun, Director of Holding, Xu Shuheng, Director of Holding, Deng Chao, Director of Resource Center of Coating Company, and Baosteel leaders conducted in-depth communication and exchanges. During the meeting, Vice President Hu Yuliang introduced the situation of Baowu in China from a macro perspective and detailed the status quo and plans of Baosteel Co., Ltd., especially coating products. Chairman Wei Longzhu also reviewed the experience of cooperating with Baosteel for more than 20 years, and affirmed the remarkable achievements of the two parties in project cooperation and joint innovation, and discussed the application of traditional products and new product development, promotion, sales and Baosteel’s leadership Conduct cordial and friendly communication. Subsequently, Director Xu Shuheng and Director Yang Xiaochun successively communicated with the leaders of Baosteel regarding steel processing and trade circulation. Vice President Hu Yuliang’s visit to exchanges this time will further deepen the strategic cooperation relationship between Baosteel and Wiskind for a period of time in the future, and clarify that coating products should uphold the principle of “all for customers’ peace of mind, peace of mind and glory” in all aspects of production, circulation and manufacturing. idea. The two parties will continue to work together and deepen cooperation to create greater value for the construction steel ecosystem and the entire society.

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