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  • Wiskind Launched Course Collaboration with Tongji University

    Wiskind Launched Course Collaboration with Tongji University

    Sep 16, 2019

    On 14th September, 2019, SHANDONG WISKIND STEEL BUILDING STOCK CO., LTD and TONGJI UNIVERSITY Architecture and Urban Planning Institute signed a cooperation framework agreement, and the launching ceremony of mutural developmentcooperation on architectural design courses and the "Wiskind Cup Creative Architectural Design Competition" was successfully held at the headquarters of Wiskind Group. Zhang Jianlong, Tongji University Architecture and Urban Planning Institute professor, professor Yin Jia, associate professor Yu Yong and Tian Wei Jia, Zhou Yizhi teachers to attend as guests, Wiskind Group chairman Wei Longzhu, Wiskind steel corporationgeneral manager Xu Shuheng, containment system company general managerZhang Jia, marketing management center director Zhang Jun Yan, Wiskind Group research institute vice president Ge ZhiYong attended the launching ceremony. General manager Xu Shuheng said in his speech, industrial building is a blend of modern industrial layout, structure, material, color, it need the change of idea and design, this is our chance in cooperation with Tongji University, and hope that through cooperation, to lead the trend of industrial building in the next five years in China, at the same time looking forward to more cooperation projects in the future. Zhang Jianlong said that by visiting Wiskind, Tongji teachers and students had a real understanding of the steel structure and metal curtain wall materials. Building steel products have been widely used, and customized prefabricated steel structures have also come into public view. As a national experimental teaching center, we will give full play to our professionalism and application, and present the infinite possibilities of steel materials together with Wiskind steel products. As an important part of the 2nd Wiskind innovation festival, the "Wiskind Cup Creative Architectural Design Competition" was jointly launched by Wiskind Group and Tongji University for the reconstruction of minimal housing on campus. Tongji University recommended two excellent schemes as the results of the first round of the competition. Wei longzhu, chairman of Wiskind Group, commented on the proposal. "the architectural design should focus on practicality. Users can think of the past and see the future." "The design is not an art installation, but an event generator that can be used by teachers and students. This is the essence of architecture." Before the signing ceremony, teachers and students of Tongji University visited the production base and research institute of Wiskind steel products under the reception and accompanying of Wiskind steel products team. They were deeply impressed by the advanced equipment from Europe and the world-class intelligent manufacturing production line. During the visit to Wiskind's classic project in Zibo city, the teachers and students of Tongji University truly felt the charm of the metal thermal insulation curtain wall up close and...

  • Wiskind's Flood Prevention and Rescue Work Won Recognition from the Development Zone Government

    Wiskind's Flood Prevention and Rescue Work Won Recognition from the Development Zone Government

    Sep 06, 2019

    On 5th, September, Wang Qing, member of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone of Boxing County and deputy director of the Administrative Committee visited the Wiskind Group and gave the company a banner of “Fighting the Flood Prevention and Rescue, Bravery and Dedication”, in recognition of Wiskind’s flood prevention and rescue. During the period, he obeyed the overall situation and actively rescued and rescued disasters. He affirmed that Wiskind fulfilled its social responsibilities and worked hard to serve the local people. Last month, affected by the typhoon, there were serious guilts around the county and development zones of our county. Wiskind set up a rescue and disaster relief command team at the first time and actively participated in a number of rescue and logistics support tasks. Wei Longzhu, Chairman of Wiskind Group, went to the branch of Zhimaigou to check the water conditions, gates and pump operation. As of 21th August, Wiskind completed a total of 16 tasks, dispatched 108 rescue and relief personnel, and accumulated nearly 600 hours of work, and dispatched 6 shuttle buses a total of 9 times to help transfer 137 people affected by the disaster and 170 rescue and rescue personnel. The affected people provided a lot of materials. Over the years, Wiskind has actively participated in social welfare activities and established the “Xinghuo Volunteer Wiskind Team”. It regularly visits the elderly in the nursing home to visit the lonely elderly, and participates in volunteer activities organized by the county to effectively make the company's development achievements in society and in need. It is reflected in the masses. In the future, Wiskind will continue to increase its investment in social charity and take on more social responsibilities.

  • Promote the Spirit of Craftsmen And Improve Quality Reform! Wiskind held 2019 Quality Month Launch Ceremony

    Promote the Spirit of Craftsmen And Improve Quality Reform! Wiskind held 2019 Quality Month Launch Ceremony

    Sep 05, 2019

    In order to create a good atmosphere of everyone concern quality, appreciate quality, pursue quality, create quality and enjoy quality, we will carry out this year's quality month. On 3th, September, the quality management department of Wiskind Group organized in front of the manufacturing center office building. At the launching ceremony of the quality month event, more than 240 people from the front line of the production workshops attended the launching ceremony. The theme of the 2019 Quality Month event is “Promoting the spirit of craftsmen and improving quality reform”. At the kick-off meeting, the Quality Management Department conducted a publicity on the activity arrangements and activity requirements, and required the quality management departments of each subsidiary to deploy in advance, arrange in advance, organize carefully, and conduct quality month event in depth according to the “Quality Month” activity plan. The production frontline employees sign the title banners of the quality month event in an orderly manner. This is the responsibility of each of us and our commitment to excellent products. It is reported that this event will last for one month. During the event, the quality management departments of each subsidiary will plan rich quality activities. The follow-up will carry out various interesting activities such as award-winning questions, on-site error finding, site visits, improvement proposals, case selection, and exchange of tea festivals, and strengthen employee quality awareness and ability education in the interaction. This quality month event aims to enhance the quality awareness and operational proficiency of frontline employees and ensure the company's quality policy through a variety of interesting quality activities, through the participation of all employees. Effective operation of the quality system. P.S.: The Quality Month event began in 1978. It was initiated and deployed by the national quality work administrative department. The relevant departments of the United Nations also launched a large number of enterprises and the whole society to participate actively. It was organized in various forms in September each year for a month. And nationwide quality thematic activities aimed at improving the quality awareness and quality level of the whole nation.

  • The First Stop of 2019 Innovation Festival: Wiskind & BASF Joint Innovation Seminar

    The First Stop of 2019 Innovation Festival: Wiskind & BASF Joint Innovation Seminar

    Sep 02, 2019

    The golden autumn is cool, the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant, and the cool September arrives as scheduled. In order to stimulate the innovative spirit of employees, encourage employees to try new ideas and new methods in their work, and create a sense of innovative work for all employees. Wiskind Group will launch a second “Innovation Festival” for one month in September. This year's Innovation Festival is still a lot of activities and fun. Recently, Wiskind and BASF held a unique innovation seminar at the Pudong base in Shanghai, China. The two sides carried out brainstorming sessions around the three major themes of product, personnel and promotion in the 7P theory of marketing, and set the topic and direction for the cooperation and innovation of the strategic cooperation between the two parties. Larsen Kolberg, Director of Asia Pacific, BASF's Structural Materials Division, Han Wei, Director of Business Management, Specialty Materials Architecture China, Sindhu Menon, Technology Development Department, Asia Pacific, Specialty Materials Building, Sujin Lee, Asia Pacific Marketing, Specialty Materials Building, Alexandre Dreyer, BASF Creative Center And BASF sales, development, marketing, media and other related colleagues gave us a warm reception. Xu Shuheng, General Manager of Wiskind Group, Wang Xiujun, Vice President of Finance Department, Yang Zhiyong, Vice President of Technology and Research Institute, Zhang Jia, General manager of Wiskind Steel Building Cladding system company, Zhang Junyan, Director of the Marketing Management Center, andJessica Xiang, General Manager of the Engineering Cold Chain Division of the company, Li Xiaoshuang, Director of Purchasing Department, Ge Zhiyong, Vice President of the Institute, and the head of marketing, technology and production of the company attended the seminar. Visit BASF Pudong Production Base At the creation center, everyone is full of interest in BASF's innovative and creative products. In addition to polyurethane raw materials, we have so many BASF products around us. Visit Campus lab and TRDC During the visit, everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of BASF's research and development level and production capacity. Larsen introduces the overall situation and social responsibility of BASF. Sindhu Menon, BASF's Asia Pacific Technical Development Department and Sujin Lee, Asia Pacific's Markets Division, Characteristic Materials Building, gave a detailed introduction to BASF's product positioning and market conditions. Jessica Xiang, General Manager of the Cold Chain Business Division of Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., Ltd, introduced the development plan and market strategy of Wiskind's cold chain business. In the afternoon, the two sides ushered in the highlight of this event - joint innovation brainstorming. As the host of this link, Liu Qiong, manager of the construction and sales department of BASF's characteristic materials, introduced the rules of brainstorming...

  • Wiskind Great Events on the first half of 2019

    Wiskind Great Events on the first half of 2019

    Jul 17, 2019

    01 On 14th, January, Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., Ltd was selected as the benchmark gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province. 02 In January, the main meeting place of the Qingdao Summit of the SCO and the 8th Bureau of the General Contractor of Qingdao International Conference Center awarded the“Outstanding Contribution Award”to the main venue ofWiskind Architectural Steel. 03 On 2nd, March, Shandong University of Technology and Wiskind signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement and held an unveiling ceremony. 04 On 5th, March, Jingbo Holdings signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wiskind Group. 05 On 28th, March, the 6th National Metal Cladding System Industry Conference was held, and Wiskind won the 3D award--the top ten enterprises in the national metal cladding system industry, the science and technology award of the building waterproof industry--the engineering technology award (metal roofing gold medal) , the Excellent Project Leader of 2018 National Metal Cladding System Engineering. 06 On 23th, April, the Shanghai Operations Center of Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., Ltd was officially opened. 07 On 6th, May, Wiskind Architectural Steel signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BASF in Germany, and the two sides established a strategic partnership. 08 On 24th, May, the event“Glory and Dreams, the 70th Anniversary of the Motherland and the 2019 BBQ Carnival”was successfully held. 09 29-30th, May, the 2019 National Construction Steel Structure Industry Conference was held. Wiskind won the “Top Ten Enterprises in the Comprehensive Competitiveness List of Enterprises in the Construction of Metal Houses (Walls) in 2018” and “China Steel Structure Industry in 2018 ( 5A) Integrity Enterprise" two awards.

  • CPAPE Pharmaceutical Purification Engineering Enterprise Summit was held in Wiskind

    CPAPE Pharmaceutical Purification Engineering Enterprise Summit was held in Wiskind

    Jul 12, 2019

    On 12th, July, 2019, the third high-level summit of pharmaceutical purification engineering enterprises was held at the headquarters of Wiskind Group. Targeting at the pain points of the industry and enhancing the cooperation opportunities, the summit has become the innovative vane of “smart manufacturing” in the field of clean room enclosure industry. Section One: Higher Standard and Deeper Cooperation The theme of this summit is “Intelligent Manufacturing and Development of the Enclosure Structure of Medicine Cleanrooms”. The summit was hosted by China Medical Equipment Engineering Association (CPAPE) and co-organized by the Environmental Engineering Committee of the Association. With high standard, high quality and innovative service models, the high-level summit has become an important communication platform in the field of clean engineering and containment systems. More than 20 large-scale purification engineering companies, more than 30 representatives and special guests attended the summit, aiming at clean room engineering and enclosure problems, troubles, pain points, discussing the future development of the industry, sharing the latest technology and wisdom. Section Two: Intelligent and Digital At the meeting, the host Wiskind discussed and shared the innovation results with the guests. Shilin Liu, R&D manager of Wiskind's R&D Center, made a keynote speech. The clean panel automation production line, the highly automated clean door and window production line and the model design based on BIM technology became the focus of the summit. Intelligent manufacturing and digital construction will continuously enhance the product strength and service power of Wiskind's clean room enclosure system. On the same day, the guests visited the production workshop of Wiskind's clean enclosure system, and expressed their high appreciation and “deep shock” to their automation level. An ideological feast of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation brings new impetus to the intelligent manufacturing and development of clean room enclosures. At the same time, the summit created new opportunities and new windows for deep cooperation and sharing innovation in the upstream and downstream of the clean room industry chain.

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