July 26, 2019

Cameroon Steel Supermarket Roof Renovation Project

The supermarket is located in Cameroon, roof area -- 5500 square meters, to remove the original single tile and then install the polyurethane sandwich panel. Construction difficulties are mainly showed in the following areas:

1. The construction site is small.

2. In order not to damage the steel frame and wall, the original single-watt removal difficult, the new installation of polyurethane sandwich panels needs to match the original structure.

3. Because the indoor floor and wall have been constructed, where it often rains, in order to protect the completed indoor construction project, the roof can’t be demolished in advance, only the side of polyurethane sandwich panels can be demolished.

4. Whether at day or night, there are always rainy, which caused many difficulties in the construction.

Through our efforts, our work has been recognized by customers, customers and supermarket operators (a Frenchman) are very satisfied with our materials and construction. Local owners of steel structure came to see our material and felt shock, and said that he really wanted to cooperate with us. The local company's visitors often went to the scene to chat with us, and expressed willingness to cooperate with us.

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