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Standing Seam Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel with PU Edge Sealing

BiLOK ™ is a rock wool sandwich roof panels with pu sealing,it has a special standing seam.

The standing seam is tightly engaged to provide effective waterproofness, airtight performance and stronger wind resistance.

  • Payment:

  • Product Origin:

    Shandong Province, China
  • Color:

    Customized as your request
  • MOQ:

    500 square meters
  • Shipping Port:

    Qingdao Port, China
  • Lead Time:

    20-30s days after receiving your deposit
  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters:

Steel Outer  Layer

Common T (mm)

Outer Panel Specs 0.6-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)

Inner Panel Specs 0.4-0.7(coated steel panel)

Common L (mm)


Common W (mm)




Insulation Core

Core Material

High-density thermal insulation, fireproof and

water-repellent rock wool/Glass Wool

VW (kg/m³)

Rock Wool: ≥120/Glass Wool: ≥64/PU (Edge Sealing):≥38

Thickness (mm)


TC (w/m·k)

Rock Wool:≤0.043 /Glass Wool:≤0.042

Fire Rating

Rock Wool: Class A /Glass Wool: Class A



2-sided joint-Male-Female Joint, PU Edge Sealing

Production Process

Continuous Production Process

Surface Texture

Flat/Embossed Pattern/Micro Ripple/V8 RIPPLE

Center Trim Treatment

Metal Snap-in Cover Plate

Upper steel plate style

3 Peaks

Joining method

Standing Seam

2 Product Characteristics:

BiLOK product details


The hidden screws guarantee excellent waterproof performance and prevent screw corrosion and thermal bridge phenomena. The crest wave height is 34 mm. The three-crest wave design has improved the bearing capacity of poof panels, educed the amount of roof purlins, improved the bearing capacity and balanced the running water paction


Roof Panel wave structure upgrade, can fix clamp directly, that makes installation of roofing photovoltaic solar and other systems easy and safe, promote effective utilization rate of roof.

The crest wave height is 34 mm. The three-crest wave design has improved the bearing capacity of roof panels,peduced the amount of roof purlines, improved the bearing capacity and balanced the running water action. The design of water tanks Ppevents water leakage.

BiLOK product heat transfer performance

BiLOK ™(Standing Seam Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel with PU Edge Sealing) has a very good performance of fireproof roof panel (rock wool core material) load and heat transfer coefficient...

The above values are taken from the outer steel plate of 06mm, the inner steel plate of 0.5mm, and the rock wool bulk density of 120kg/m%. The plate type is 1000 type.

3 Product Philosophy:

BiLOK product philosophy

Green Building Materials

More than 30 years ago, the 1st International Conference on Materials Science & Engineering put forward the concept  of "green materials" for the first time, and the 14th Five-Year Plan has set the ambitious "dual" carbon reduction target.  Today, various healthy, eco-friendly, and safe building materials are widely used. In the manufacturing process, rational  use of resources, reduction of energy consumption, pollutant-free production, solid waste reduction, and full coverage  management during the whole life cycle of materials have also become the consensus and code of conduct for the  entire industry, reflecting people's yearning and pursuit of the "human-oriented and eco-friendly" development concept.

Building envelope is the most important category of green building materials. In this regard, Wiskind has gained rich  practical experience, and mastered mature design, processing and application technologies, thus able to provide the  client with a series of thermal insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, energy saving and aesthetic new composite wall panels. Wiskind researches and applies building envelope materials as a system, and pays attention to the design of  structural systems, thereby effectively improving the overall performance of the product in the real-world application  environment.

4 Manufacturing and Delivery:

BiLOK production

Smart Manufacturing

Wiskind has multiple production bases across the country, and has introduced several world-class production equipment, such as PUMA/OMS/RAS, etc., to provide customized solutions for different application products and different production lines. The above equipment has high precision, precise processing, high automation level, convenient dynamic adjustment, fast response speed, high production efficiency, and is more green and environmentally friendly, providing good hardware support to produce high-quality plates.

Smart Delivery

With BIM building digital model, the four major industrial chains of intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent construction are connected and closely linked.

5 Wiskind Builing Envelope  Systems:
Wiskind Builing Envelope Systems

The building envelope consists of two major systems: the façade and the roof, which are  linked up to the main structure through a reasonable form to realize the functions of heat  preservation, waterproofing, sound insulation, energy saving and aesthetics of the building.  The Wiskind envelope lineup enjoys a complete product system and a wide product range,  including sandwich and profiled panels, as well as corresponding accessories, to provide  the client with a total solution for building envelope systems. For more than 40 years,  Wiskind has always been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and application of metal  envelope products, constantly exploring new materials and new technologies, and providing  hundreds of millions of square meters of various building envelope products for thousands of engineering projects, covering electronics, biology, medical care, automobile, food, modern  agriculture & animal husbandry, warehousing & logistics, as well as transportation facilities,  exhibition venues, and cultural & sports buildings, among other areas.

Building for Beauty and Eternity, for the Creation of a Better Life. The advancement of  science and technology, the evolution of society, and people's yearning for a better life is an  inexhaustible force that drives Wiskind to continue its development and shape the future.

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