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Over Lap Type Rock Wool Corrugated Roof Sandwich Panel

BiLAP™ is a Over Lap Type Rock Wool Corrugated Roof Sandwich Panels, the special design of the ends is able to effectively prevent water seepage and ensure waterproof. With outstanding expansion and contraction performance, allow room to relieve stress, with fast installation and efficient construction guaranteed.

  • Payment:

  • Product Origin:

    Shandong Province, China
  • Color:

    Customized as your request
  • MOQ:

    500 square meters
  • Shipping Port:

    Qingdao Port, China
  • Lead Time:

    20-30s days after receiving your deposit
  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters:

Steel Outer  Layer

Common T (mm)

Outer Panel Specs 0.6-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)

Inner Panel Specs 0.4-0.7(coated steel panel)

Common L (mm)


Common W (mm)




Insulation Core

Core Material

High-density thermal insulation, fireproof and

water-repellent rock wool/Glass Wool

VW (kg/m³)

Rock Wool: ≥120/Glass Wool: ≥64/PU (Edge Sealing):≥38

Thickness (mm)


TC (w/m·k)

Rock Wool:≤0.043 /Glass Wool:≤0.042

Fire Rating

Rock Wool: Class A /Glass Wool: Class A



2-sided joint-Male-Female Joint, PU Edge Sealing

Production Process

Continuous Production Process

Surface Texture

Flat/Embossed Pattern/Micro Ripple/V8 RIPPLE

Center Trim Treatment

Metal Snap-in Cover Plate

Upper steel plate style

3 Peaks

Joining method

Over Lap

2 Product Characteristics:

BiLAP product details1

The hidden screws guarantee excellent waterproof performance and prevent screw corrosion and thermal bridge phenomena. The crest wave height is 34 mm. The three-crest wave design has improved the bearing capacity of roof panels, reduced the amount of roof purlins, improved the bearing capacity and balanced the running water action.

BiLAP product details2

Without lapping design, the edge is corroded for the lack of coating after being soaked by rain water,which shortens the service life of roofing.

The lapping design features a closer lapping effect, protects the edges without coating and improves the service life of roofing.

3 Product Certificates:

BiLAP product certification

4 Production lines:

BiLAP production lines

5 Product Philosophy

Bilap product philosophyPrefabricated Construction

Prefabricated building is an important achievement of the application of modern industrial technology in the field of  construction, of which the concept was originated in the early 20th century and finally realized in Europe in the 1960s.  In recent years, with the rapid development of materials, processes and information technologies, the advantages of  prefabricated buildings in saving materials, quickening construction, reducing waste and optimizing functions have  become increasingly prominent. Since 2015, the Chinese government has intensively promulgated a number of policies  and regulations to promote prefabricated buildings across the country, which has achieved breakthroughs and become  an important driver for the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of China's construction industry.

Wiskind building envelope products follow the advanced concept of the prefabricated building. In terms of material  structure, system design, process flow, etc., its exterior façade, roof and other product series bring the advantages of  standardized design, factory processing, and modular construction of the prefabricated building into full play, while  always maintaining the industry-leading level. At the same time, Wiskind attaches great importance to the organic  combination of standardized products and customized designs, so as to meet the diversified and personalized needs of  the client, and fully explore the aesthetic value of prefabricated buildings.

A complete set of imported Italian Puma production lines adopts European advanced polyurethane core production technology and six-component foaming process to ensure the stability of product performance. The extra-long double track ensures the flatness of the product surface. Based on digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the brand-new BiLAP™ production line developed by Wiskind has obtained nearly 300 technical improvements, including two invention patents for bonding technology, rock wool conveying and lubrication system.

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