Clean Room Wall Partition

Wiskind offers the most professional cleanroom wall panel system.

Wiskind offers 5 different cleanroom wall systems that can be adapted to a variety of clean room modular systems.The product has excellent performance, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and easy module installation.

Solutions for different environments: we have a quick detachable solution, a panel resistant agent (VHP) solution, a cold-proof bridge - a frame anti-condensation solution, a fast automatic typesetting solution, a clean room color color quick change scheme and cleanroom doors and windows A number of technical patents, etc.

The cleanroom partition wall system has various core materials. According to different environments, fireproof, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc., different core materials are selected to adapt to different clean room requirements.Wiskind clean room wall panels can be used to reinforce the hole reinforcement and the line pipe box is assembled in the factory in the factory to effectively reduce the secondary pollution during use.

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