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Intelligent Manufacturing Empowers Prefabricated Buildings

Intelligent Manufacturing Empowers Prefabricated Buildings

July 06, 2024

As advanced metal envelope supplier, WISKIND effectively helped the construction of manufacturing base of China new high-tech enterprise with high quality green building materials.

In the project of manufacturing base, Colorpod Sandwich Panel , which had get FM certification, was chose. Colorpod is a rock wool panel with PU sealing on both sides. Featuring outstanding wind resistance, airtight performance, economy and practicability, the product is connected by a center seam, which make building more endurable, environmental and energy-efficient. Besides, Colorpod applies WISKINDs new generation of 3D Gasket, improving superior wind resistance. Moreover, WISKINDs new generation of interlaced double support joint provides more accurate installation progress and compactness, which brings a satisfactory visual effect.

This panel is prefabricated in factory and transported into spot, so it is easy to realize fast and accurate assembly installation, which avoids a lot of construction rubbish and pollution.

With the further advancement of the "double carbon" goal, WISKIND will continue to empower the green development of the building industry with science and technology, implement new development concepts such as innovation, green, digital intelligence into the research and development, manufacturing and application of metal enclosure products, and focus on green energy-saving new materials to empower China's manufacturing industry.

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