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Clean Room Windows for Industrial Clean Room Wall System

Clean room view windows are an important part of a clean room. In the construction of clean rooms, in addition to the use of plates, glass is also used in large quantities. These include windows in walls, observation windows in doors, and glass curtain walls in clean rooms.
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    Shandong Province, China
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    Customized as your request
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    10 Pieces
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    Qingdao Port, China
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1 Product Parameters:




Tempered Glass,Ultra-White Glass,Fireproof Glass,dimming class

Keel of Window

Aluminum alloy



In fill

Molecular Sieve Desiccant


980mm*1200mm,980*1500mm or Customized

Glass thickness



Hospital,Pharmaceutical Cleanroom,Electronic,laboratory, etc.

2 Product Characteristics:

Clean Room Windows Details

Clean windows come in many forms, with single and double glazing, with right and rounded corners. The clean window produced by WISKIND, the integrated design is perfectly combined with the clean wall panel, which not only has good sealing performance, but also is easy to operate and install. At the same time, it also has a beautiful appearance, making it a highlight in the clean room space.

Features of clean windows
Good airtightness.

Clean Room Windows Details1
The flatness is high, the wall and the window are in the same plane.

Clean Room Windows Details2
Flexible installation.

Clean Room Windows Details3
Aesthetics are good.

3 Product Packaging And Delivery:

Product Packaging And Delivery

3 Product Knowledges:

Advantages of double-layer clean window

Clean Room Windows Details4
(1) Sound insulation: to meet the needs for lighting, viewing, decoration, and environmental protection. Generally, insulating glass can reduce noise by about 30 decibels, while insulating glass filled with inert gas can reduce noise by about 5 decibels on the original basis, that is, It reduces noise from 80 decibels to an extremely quiet level of 45 decibels.
(2) It has good thermal insulation performance.The K value of the heat conduction system, the K value of a single piece of 5mm glass is 5.75kcal/mh°C, and the K value of the general insulating glass is 1.4-2.9 kcal/mh°C. The lowest K value of the insulating glass of sulfur fluoride gas can be reduced to 1.19kcal/mh°C. Argon is mainly used to reduce the K value of heat conduction, while sulfur fluoride gas is mainly used to reduce the dB value of noise. The two gases can be used alone. It can also be mixed and used in a certain proportion.
(3) Anti-condensation.In the environment with a large indoor and outdoor temperature difference in winter, condensation will occur on single-layer glass doors and windows, but there will be no condensation when insulating glass is used.

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