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Prefabricated Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings

As for Multi Story Apartments Buildings,steel structure is widly used in the fram construction.

Steel structures have been considered to be a sustainable material, so from the perspective of long-term development, steel structure will have good application and development prospects.

  • Payment:

  • Product Origin:

    Shandong Province, China
  • Color:

    Customized as your request
  • MOQ:

    500 square meters
  • Shipping Port:

    Qingdao Port, China
  • Lead Time:

    30s-45s days after receiving your deposi
  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters:

Product Name

Prefabricated Steel Frame Multi Storey Apartments Buildings


Multi-storey frame steel structure

Wide span

single span or multiple spans, the max span clear distance is 36m, without middle column

Roof and Wall

option: Steel sheet,EPS, fiber glass, rock wool or PU sandwich panel

Door and Window

PVC or Aluminum alloy; sliding door or rolled door

Column and Beam

Option: hot rolled or welded H section, I section; painting or galvanized


Option: C-section or Z-section

Local Climate

1. Wind speed

2. Snow load 

3. Rain quantity

4. Earthquake grade if have

More details is preferred.

Steel Standard



 1. according to clients' drawing

 2. design as per clients' dimension and requests


Naked loaded in shipping container or as per requests.

2 Wiskind Curtain Wall Panel System Introduction:

Wiskind Curtain Wall 3D Pattens

1. Light weight and high strength, mirror surface is flat.
2. Fire prevention, heat preservation and decoration are integrated.
3. Whole factory prefabrication, fixed-length production, modular installation.
4. Wiskind's patented adhesive, the bonding strength is 3 times higher than the national standard.
5. Using  Wiskind's patented EPDM tape, it is green, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving, and has no glue pollution.
6. Any plate can be replaced independently, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
7. The second-generation four-sided tongue-and-groove pure rock wool sandwich panel avoids the problem of scratches on the plug-in interface.
8. Equipped with patented fastener system to ensure the service life of the system in an all-round way.
9. The BIM system optimizes the overall exterior wall scheme, and the automatic equipment imported from Germany is processed and formed, and the precision error is controlled to 0.1mm.
10. Special board texture – 3D art board for the surface--really beautiful,very suitable for office buildings.

3 Steel Structure Product Construction Site:

Steel Structure Product Construction Site

1. According to the quality and components of the steel parts, the installation sequence and process requirements for welding on the platform should be guaranteed.

Steel Structure Product Construction Site2
2. Download the properties requirements of the application on the steel platform. In addition to the construction drawings and components, the process and installation changes of the site installation are also considered.
3. Send professional engineers to install video/on-site installation guidance to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings Project Cases:

Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings Project Cases1

--Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings Project Cases Of Staff Dormitory of Wiskind Group Headquarters

Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings Project Cases2

--Steel Frame Multi-Storey Apartments Buildings Of Delingha-Haixi State cadre turnover housing project

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