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PU PIR Sandwich Panels for Cold Room Partition Wall

The cold storage is mainly composed of a refrigeration system, a thermal insulation system, and a control system. Among them, the cold storage enclosure system is the main component of the cold storage, and the main product is the energy-saving cold storage panels. The quality of its materials determines the safety of cold storage buildings and the effect of thermal insulation and energy saving. MasterCard has been focusing on the business of energy-saving thermal insulation materials for cold storage enclosure systems for many years, and provides customers with complete solutions from processing to warehousing through the new generation of polyurethane PIR pentane B1 core material formulation and scientific node design.
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1 Product Parameters:

Plate specifications




PU/PIR 40~300mm,Rock wool+PU 40~200mm



Panel specifications


Colour coated steel sheet, 304/316 stainless steel


The 4~0 8mm



Polyurethane core material (PU)

Fire rating

Bl grade (oxygen index ≥ 30%)

Closed pore rate


Water absorption


Thermal conductivity

0 018-0 024

Heat-resistant range


2 Product Characteristics:

Clod Storage Sandwich Panels Details

Heat insulation
Colorgem® cold storage board adopts the rigid core material of new generation polyurethane pentane BI foaming technology, the thermal conductivity is 0.022mW/(m·K), which effectively blocks heat conduction and has excellent thermal insulation performance. The dense foam is fully bonded to the surface material to form an uninterrupted heat shield, and the long-term working temperature is as low as -80°C.

Clod Storage Sandwich Panels Joint Details
Airtight watertight
Wiskind cold storage enclosure system has been scientifically and reasonably designed and tested, and its sheet styles, installation nodes and auxiliary accessories have been continuously upgraded and optimized, leading the industry to ensure the air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation of the entire cold storage enclosure system. Effect.
Fire retardant
Wiskind integrates high-quality resources in the industrial chain to develop a new generation of polyurethane-PU rigid foam composite material system, which has excellent fire resistance. board requirements. Combining metal surface material and scientific node design, the fire performance is further improved.
Colorgem® cold storage panels are made of high-quality color-coated steel plates or stainless steel surface materials, with excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The closed cell rate of the polyurethane core material can reach more than 94%. The water absorption rate is less than 2%, which is much lower than the index requirements of GB/T21558-2008. The properties of the sheet can be kept in good condition for a long time.

Cold Storage Sandwich Panel Details of Socket
Easy to install
Wiskind cold storage enclosure system implements the concept of prefabricated construction. The plate factory is prefabricated and the installation system design is mature, which makes on-site installation easier and faster, greatly shortens the construction period, and reduces construction labor costs and material losses.
Health and Environmental Protection
The high-quality coating system on the surface of Colorgem® cold storage board can prevent the intrusion of moisture and dirt, minimize the growth of bacteria and parasites, and the tight plug-in board seams facilitate hygienic cleaning and are suitable for various complex conditions and conditions in the cold chain industry. Strict environmental requirements.

3  Product Production lines:

Cold Storage Sandwich Panel Production Lines

The continuous production line of polyurethane cold storage board has advanced and scientific roll forming equipment, high-precision and stable imported foaming equipment, integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and polyurethane chemical polymerization technology, and has multiple units. Automatic continuous production line. The 40-meter double-track main engine can not only meet the processing capacity of cold storage panels in the thickness range of 30-300mm, but also provide better stability and curing process for polyurethane foaming. The advanced pentane foaming process realizes a green production process with zero emission of ODP and GWP.

4 Comparison of thermal insulation properties of materials:

Comparison of thermal insulation properties of materials



Thermal  Conductivity(w/m.k)   

Thickness needed to reach  same temparature(mm)





Rock wool




Brick Wall








5 Product Project Cases:

Cold Storage Sandwich Panel Project Caes1

---PU PIR Sandwich Panels for Cold Room Cases of Shanghai Lingang Puffis Logistics Cold Storage

Cold Storage Sandwich Panel Project Caes2

---PU PIR Sandwich Panels for Cold Room Cases of Tianjin SEG Haijing Co., Ltd. Cold Product Processing Plant

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