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Metal Sandwich Panels for Hospitals Clean Rooms and Pharmacy Clean Rrooms

WISKIND purification panel adopts the special color steel, color aluminum plate and other metal plate as the surface, and use rock wool, aluminum honeycomb and glass magnesium plate and other material as sandwich to make the panel. Due to the special performances as dust prevention, electrostatic prevention, antibiosis and so on, it’s widely used in the purification engineering which has very strict requirement for the indoor environment, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacture and scientific research.
  • Payment:

  • Product Origin:

    Shandong Province, China
  • Color:

    Customized as your request
  • MOQ:

    500 square meters
  • Shipping Port:

    Qingdao Port, China
  • Lead Time:

    30s-45s days after receiving your deposi
  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters:

Whole Thickness

50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Max Length


Ceiling Panel Length Suggested


Standard Width

980mm, 1180mm, 950mm, 1150mm

Panel Weight



aluminum honeycomb, glass magnesium+Aluminum honeycomb

Sound Transmission Loss


Bending Resistance


Fire Endurance



non-standard, wire tube, switch, opening reservation


Metal Sandwich Panels for Hospitals Clean Rooms and Pharmacy Clean Rrooms

2 Product Characteristics:

Hospitals Clean Rooms and Pharmacy Clean Rrooms

According to customer requirements, clean room technology can effectively control pollutants such as particles, harmful air and bacteria, and meet the requirements of precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality and high reliability in product processing and experimental research. Optoelectronics, biomedicine, fine chemicals, aerospace, food processing and other industries have been widely used.
3 Product Production Machines:

Product Production Machines1

The Cleanroon Production Line

The world's first automatic production line for clean board and non-standard flexible automatic production line is independently designed and developed by Wiskind and has complete intellectual property rights. Compared with the traditional manual production line, the automated production line improves the production efficiency by more than 6 times, and the precision, flatness and aesthetics of the clean board have been greatly improved, truly "making every clean board perfect."

Product Production Machines2

As one of the top ten enterprises for National Metal Surface Envelope System and Modernized production base of construction industry in Shandong Province, we, WISKIND, has set up the production base in both Binzhou city and Yantai city, covering about 80, 000m2 land for modern-ized standard factory, and imported many advanced automatic production equipments, such as PUMA from Italy, RAS from Germany, ACL from USA. Furthermore, we also develop our own automatic production line for manual purification panel which is the first and only one in the world. Based on our professional skills, considerate service and reliable quality, WISKIND is looking forward to providing you innovative, reliable and economic solutions.
4 Product Project Cases:

 Product Project Cases1

--Product Project Cases of Yibang Bio

 Product Project Cases2

--Product Project Cases of Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

 Product Project Cases3

--Product Project Cases of Beijing Saisheng Pharmaceutical

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