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Metal Buildings for Logistics Storage Center

The materials used in Metal Buildings have the characteristics of light dead weight and high strength. The dead weight of steel structure buildings is about 30% lower than that of concrete buildings. The advantage of prefabricated steel structure - fast, due to its different construction characteristics, the construction period of steel structure is more than 50% higher than that of PC. The steel structure is light and strong, saving materials; the construction process saves energy, water and land; the material can be disassembled and recycled, and the recycling rate can reach 70%;Well-designed, sophisticated system steel structure, low cost; as labor costs continue to rise, the labor, formwork, materials and other costs of traditional concrete structures are higher than those of steel structures.
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1 Product Parameters:

Product name

Metal Buildings for Logistics Storage Center

Main Structure

Weld H steel/ Steel Beam/Column


C/Z purlin,C/Z section steel


Fireproof/Insulated sandwich panels or corrugated steel plate



Lighting system

Lighting panel/aluminum alloy window/sliding window/plastic steel window/aluminum window with thermal insulation broken bridge

Ventilation System

Stainless Steel Ventilator


Coated Corrugated Steel Sheets/Steel Sandwich Panels




Workshop/Warehouse/Storage/Frame/Shed/Any Steel Structure Buildings

2 Portal Frame Steel Structure Systems:

Portal Frame Steel Structure Systems

The portal frame steel structure system has the characteristics of mature and reliable system and wide adaptability. The portal frame system adopts high-strength galvanized purlin, which greatly prolongs the life of the building and is the most widely used building system.

3 Different Metal Materials Used In The Envelope Systems:



Performance description

Service life (general environment)

Fields of application

stainless steel

Contains chromium, nickel, titanium, silicon, aluminum, manganese, magnesium and other components

Beautiful surface, diversified use possibilities, corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, simple maintenance, clean, high finish, good welding performance.

More than 50 years

Interior and exterior wall decoration panels, petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy and electric power and other industries

Aluminized zinc plate

Coating composition: 55% aluminum and 43.4% zinc, 1.6% silicon composition.

Good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good adhesion between coating and paint film, with good processing performance

10-20 years

Roofs, walls, garages, modular houses, etc

Color coated board

Coating: PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, polyvinyl fluoride - plastic solution

Pollution-free, economical, easy to process, easy to construct

7-25 years

Walls, residential roofs, drainage ditches, downspouts, garage doors, etc

Aluminum magnesium manganese plate

Main alloying elements:

It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good plasticity, easy processing and so on

More than 50 years

Roofing and façade materials

Manganese (1.0%-1.5%)

Magnesium (0.8%-1.3%)

Titanium zinc plate

Zinc: 99.995%, Copper: 0.08-1.0%, Titanium: 0.06-0.2%

It heals automatically after scratches, has a long service life, and does not require coating protection; It has good elongation and tensile strength, good plasticity.

0.7mm roof 3°: 80-100 years

Public buildings, high-end residential roofs, roofs, curtain walls, etc

Vertical drainage: 200 years

Metal plated

The surface is corrosion resistant and shows a corresponding metallic color

30-80 years

4 Steel Structure Production Machines:

Electroslag Welding Equipment

Electroslag Welding Equipment (Box Column)

Gantry type electroslag welding and Floor type electroslag welding

5 Logistics Storage Center Project Cases:

Logistics Storage Center Project Cases1

--Logistics Storage Center Project Cases of Dangdang Bit Logistics (Meishan) Co., Ltd.

Logistics Storage Center Project Cases2

--Logistics Storage Center Project Cases of North China Logistics Warehouse

Logistics Storage Center Project Cases3

--Logistics Storage Center Project Cases of Tianjin SEG Haijing Co., Ltd.5

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