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Structrual Steel Structure Building System

Wiskind offers a multi-layer, low-rise steel construction system that is rugged and practical and adaptable to different building functional requirements; It has the characteristics of clear design concept and fast and accurate processing and installation.
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Structrual Steel Structure Building System

Wiskind provides you with structrural building solutions. 

1.Cold-formed Steel Portal Frame:

The portal rigid frame is the mostly structure of light weight steel structure. It has two forms- lattice rigid frame and solid belly rigid frame.

The portal frame system has the characteristics of mature and reliable system and wide adaptability.
The portal frame system uses high-strength galvanized purlins to extend the life of the building and is the most widely used building system.
2.Large Column Structure:

Because the sub-structure adopts the truss purlin system, the large-pitch system can be expanded more in the column distance direction; the indoor space looks more beautiful and sparse, and is mostly used in logistics warehouses and supermarket buildings.

3.Multi-layer Structure:

Multi-layered systems are used in multi-storey ancillary facilities in parking lots, office buildings, schools and industrial buildings to accommodate more building needs.

Workshop Structrual Type:

The common industrial workshop/plant main structural system type is shown in the figure. In fact, the selection and combination of various structural types are possible;
We will provide professional advice for your building steel structure to maximize construction investment by optimizing the selection of the project under the premise of achieving the functional requirements of the building.

Workshop With Crane Type:

Support Bracing System:

Support Bracing System

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