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Sound Absorbing Sandwich Panel for Soundproof Building

Acous is sound absorbing sandwich wall panels, first choice for noise reduction in industrial buildings, safeguard the health and safety of employees.

The patented half punching technology is adopted, which not only improves the effect of noise reduction, but also has the same strength as ordinary composite boards.

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    Shandong Province, China
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    Customized as your request
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    200 square meters
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    Qingdao Port, China
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    20-30s days after receiving your deposit
  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters:



Effective width

1000 mm


50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm...

Inner steel plate

Preferably the punched color coated steel plate after the hole type, thickness 0.5~0.6 mm, flat rib (hole diameter 3mm, hole center spacing 5mm, hole arrangement 60°, open hole rate 32.7%)

Perforated plate face covering

Face protection material, high durability water-repellent non-woven fabric

Core type

High quality hydrophobic rock wool, 100~120 kg/m3

Outer steel plate

High grade color coated steel plate, thickness 0.6-0.7 mm, Lishui ripple

Enterprise mouth form

Colorpod SD-0/SD-20

Fixed method

Hidden nail installation

Sound absorption performance (50mm thickness)

Noise reduction coefficient NRC= 0.75100~5000 Hz The average sound absorption coefficient is 0.64 For high-frequency industrial noise (3150~5000 Hz), the average sound absorption coefficient is 0.68

Sound insulation performance (50mm thick)

Weighted sound insulation Rw= 34 dB For high-frequency industrial noise (3150~5000 Hz), the amount of sound insulation is 40~50 dB

Mechanical properties

The bending load carrying capacity is comparable to that of ordinary sandwich panels

2 Product Characteristics:

Sound Absorbing Sandwich Panel Details

Key innovation points


Key parameter design of CESAC sandwich panels

Noise spectrum analysis

Acoustic measurement of the acoustic properties of materials, human auditory system

Professional-grade acoustic spectrum analysis at 20Hz~20000Hz frequency acoustic test analysis

Hole type is preferred

The law between pore type and sound absorption

Select the pore type parameters and select the punching plate with good acoustic performance

Punching form

Low, medium and high frequency balanced absorption

Choose the way the punching bar is punched along the plate length direction to design the plate width of 1000 and the punching strip width of 250

Acoustic performance

Scientific testing by third-party authoritative institutions

The sound absorption and sound insulation performance are both excellent, reducing the noise sound pressure in the workshop by about 1/3, and significantly improving the occupational health level of the factory

Bonding process

Sound absorption principle and influencing factors of porous materials

Bond only in non-punched areas to meet the porous sound absorption rules

Core material selection

The sound absorption principle of porous materials and the influence of influencing factors on the sound absorption performance

The core material is "rock wool", not polyurethane and glass wool

Continuous production

Standardize production requirements

Enable continuous production

Mechanical properties

Meet the requirements of façade applications

The bending bearing capacity is basically the same as that of the non-punched plate to meet the requirements of the façade application

Sound Absorbing Sandwich Panel Performance

3 Product Qualifications

Sound Absorbing Sandwich Panel Details Certifications

4 Product Knowledges:

4.1 What it means from 62.4dB lower to 47.2dB ?

Industrial Noise→Convalescent environment

GB 3096-2008 Sound Environment Quality Standard—Table 1 Environmental Noise Limits Unit: dB(A)

Acoustic Environment ribbon category

Example of the Acoustic Environment ribbon


Class 0

Rehabilitation areas, etc., especially quiet areas are needed


Class 1

Residential, cultural and educational areas that need to be kept quiet


Class 2

Commercial finance, market trade, etc., need to maintain a quiet area of residence


Class 3

Industrial production, etc., industrial noise


Class 4

4a: Highways, etc., traffic noise; 4b: Railway trunk lines, etc., traffic noise


4.2 The Noise hazard

The Noise hazard

1Noise impairs hearing organsTinnitus, hearing deviation, noise deafness.

2Noise causes a variety of diseases: central nervous system, cerebral cortex imbalance.  Headaches, dizziness, insomnia and general fatigue.  Still can make heart rate is accelerated, heart rate is irregular, blood pressure rises. 

3The influence of noise on normal life: studies show that 45dB noise begins to affect normal people's sleep.  The noise near the factory is sometimes as high as 70~80dB, which will affect people's conversation, lectures and meetings. 

4Noise reduces labor productivity: in a noisy environment, people are irritable, easy to fatigue, and slow reaction.  The effect of noise on precision processing or mental work is more obvious.  When the noise of a switchboard is reduced from 50dB to 30dB, the error rate can be reduced by 42%.  In addition, due to the psychological effect of noise, distracting people's attention, but also  easy to cause industrial accidents.

• 0 -20dBSilence, barely audible

• 20-40dBQuiet and talk quietly

• 40-60dBAverage, average indoor speech

• 60-70dBLoud, loud talk

• 70dBThe maximum noise that the EPA d etermines humans can tolerate (without hearing loss, sleep disturbances, anxiety , learning disabilities, etc.)

• 70-90dBIt's noisy and it damages n erve cells

• 90-120dBExtremely loud, damage hearing

• 100-120dBYou go temporarily deaf in space in

• 120dBThe highest volume audible to the human ear

4.3 Industrial noise and classification

Industrial noise and classification

Industrial noise: refers to the noise generated by the operation of mechanical equipment, classified by sound source

1) Aerodynamic noise: produced by gas vibration. Gas turbulence caused by eddy currents in the gas, or sudden changes in pressure. Such as the noise generated by fans, blowers, air compressors, and high-pressure gas when they are vented.

2) Mechanical noise: produced by mechanical impact, friction and rotation. Such as noise from crushers, ball mills, chainsaws, machine tools, etc.

3) Electromagnetic noise: It is generated by the vibration of electrical components caused by magnetic field pulsation and power frequency pulsation. Such as the noise generated by generators, transformers, and relays.

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